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Business Immigration

Clients needing to hire or transfer foreign nationals rely on Forsythe Immigration Law Firm. Understanding workforce priorities, both short term and long term, while providing superior client service makes us the best choice for your business. We provide solutions in compliance with U.S. immigration laws and regulations for all business immigration matters.


You do not have time to waste. We reduce the stress associated with securing U.S. visas timely for professional athletes, artists, and entertainers. When eligible, premium processing is always included in our services.


Clients have access to secure online case management information and attorneys will be available to answer legal questions and prepare individuals for consulate interviews. Costs associated with obtaining visas should not be a surprise. Most services are offered for a flat fee with reduced fees offered for bulk transactions. Our services always include consulate interview preparation with an attorney. 


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Corporate Solutions

I-9 and compliance services includes reviewing existing procedures to ensure compliance without discrimination, record retention policy
I-9 litigation defense, appeals and fine reduction
Addressing no-match letters;  Department of Labor and DHS Notice of Intent to Fine responses and appeals;
Department of Labor Audits/Raids


  • B1 
  • H-1B 
  • H2A
  • L-1A L-1B
  • E-1 E-2 
  • E3, E3D, E3R 
  • O-1, O-2 
  • P-1 
  • P-2, P-3 
  • Q-1
  • TN under NAFTA 
  • Change of Status/Extension of Status

Waivers Do not let prior immigration violations or grounds of inadmissibility prevent you from bringing the best and the best talent; our talented attorneys will evaluate for eligibility.


Derivative family member processing for ability to attend school and maintenance of status


Immigrant (LPR)

  • EB1-1 
  • EB1-2
  • EB1-3 
  • EB2-1
  • EB2-2
  • EB3-1 
  • EB3-2
  • Schedule A
  • EB5
  • Adjustment of Status